From: "Catherine Eschle"
Date: 2007年5月10日 23:47:16:JST
To: <faslane.academic.block atmark>
Subject: [faslane.academic.block] REMINDER TO REGISTER

Dear all,
This is a reminder for those of you on this list who are intending to come to the 2nd International Faslane Academic Blockade and Conference, 27-28 June, to register as soon as possible (and persuade your friends to do so!). You should do so even if you are not yet clear of the form/extent of your involvement as we urgently need some sense of numbers in order to firm up our plans. Please note that:
* You do not have to risk arrest if you do not want to
* You do not have to give a paper if you do not want to
* Papers can be on a variety of topics and take a variety of forms (eg personal testimonies can be included)
* The precise shape of the two day event (when we start, when we blockade etc) should be confirmed within the next couple of weeks. At the moment we are still discussing different options in the organising group, but would still like to try for an event that maximises the two days, ie that runs from the morning of Wednesday 27th June through to the mid- afternoon of Thursday 28th. That would mean most people travelling to Glasgow/Faslane on Tuesday 26th, with a training event in the evening, and returning home late afternoon on the 28th - and of course it would be possible to come for one day only. We are thus currently trying to find accommodation options for the nights of the 26th and 27th. If you have any suggestions regarding format of the event, please send them to fab.organising atmark
You should Register for the conference by emailing D.Webb atmark with the following info:
1)         your full name, university affiliation (if any), contact details (email, phone number)
2)         whether or not you intend to present a paper - please supply a title and an abstract if you have one
3)         whether or not you intend to blockade the gate and thus risk arrest
4)         whether or not you are likely to require accommodation
5)         which days you intend to participate (27th, 28th, any days of the student camp?)
Thank you!
Catherine, on behalf of the fab organisers